Eve Air Mobility has collaborated with Jeju Air, Korea’s leading low-cost carrier, to build a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for Jeju Island.

The document aims to share key findings from a 12-month research by a working group, including results from Jeju Air’s recent market survey on customer attitudes toward future Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services. Given the vast national public and private interest, the white paper was published with an English-translated version for all stakeholders interested in developing the UAM industry in Korea. 

The CONOPS covers operator and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) perspectives on initial UAM operations within the context of crewed VFR flights using eVTOLs. A top-down review will systematically cover all valuable aspects for future business case development, followed by operational concepts and considerations based on detailed airspace and market analysis. Much of the findings and recommendations draw from Jeju Air’s unmatched knowledge of their home base and Eve’s extensive experience conducting diverse CONOPS worldwide. 

Jeju Island welcomed more than 13 million tourists in 2022, drawn by its multiple UNESCO sites and mild climate. Therefore, the working group believes initial missions would likely be scenic flights, taking advantage of Jeju Island’s top natural attractions in uncontrolled airspace. This outcome corresponds with the optimistic view expressed by most survey respondents, with 34% indicating that scenic flights would be their preferred UAM service. Besides clear tourism benefits, the development of UAM in Jeju Island is also projected to create more than 1,100 new jobs in the long term. Taking lessons from past national projects with potential social implications, continual engagement with the local community on the cost-benefit trade-off for UAM would be critical. 

Eve and Jeju Air share the common goal of accelerating the development of safe and successful UAM operations in Korea and will continue working to make this market a reality soon. 

To read the full CONOPS (Korean and English-translated), click on the link: https://eveairmobility.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/JejuAir_Eve_Whitepaper2023.pdf